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Bespoke International Coffee | ESTD. 2017

Our History

Manveer Singh, CEO of Maharajah Coffee, has always been a world traveler. Raised in England, Manveer’s extended family had an international lifestyle and owned properties in several countries, including a coffee farm in Kenya. As Manveer’s academic and business career progressed, he had the opportunity to travel to locations far and wide, tasting coffees along the way, of course.

Manveer travelled to Brazil and, while there, visited a coffee farm where he found a passion for the coffee production process from start to finish. He then continued to travel and research the process, this time with the intent of starting his own coffee business focused on working directly with farmers to ensure they received fair pay. Once back in England, he began perfecting the roasts (in his home) of three single origin coffees he had discovered: one each from Kenya, Sumatra, and Ethiopia.

Manveer started Maharajah Coffee with the idea of making organic and fair trade coffees more mainstream, creating a drinking experience different from the rest, and also consciously giving back to the environment and to those who produce our coffees. He continues to travel and track down new additions from around the globe.

While Maharajah Coffee’s roots are in England, we are based in the beautiful and historic Richmond, Virginia, USA. We are proud that our flagship coffees are now part of a growing collection of accessible, organic and fair trade beans and grounds, with a number of flavor profiles to suit every mood or time of day.

CEO Manveer Singh on an expedition to Kenya, January 2019

CEO Manveer Singh on an expedition to Kenya, January 2019


Dharma exists for the welfare of all beings. Hence, that by which the welfare of all living beings is sustained, that for sure is dharma.



Our Core Values

Respect for earth

The earth is our mother, and we give back what she has given us. We invest time and effort into sustainable and efficient products and practices, and we generally aim to create a better life for all living beings. We believe profit should be shared to help the planet, so we give a portion of our profit to causes that protect the environment, indigenous farmers, and endangered species.

Respect for people

We value the skill and care of those that produce our coffees and favor fair trade, organic, specialty coffee farms that provide fair wages to their workers. We strive to infuse all of our business relationships with positivity and kindness. We respect our customers’ sophisticated tastes, which keeps us searching the world for high quality coffees and roasting techniques.

Authenticity and honesty

Simplicity is key to our operation. We are not in business to compete but rather to stay true to ourselves and simply invite coffee drinkers to a new level of experience. At the root of our company is love, and we seek to spread love through our bespoke, international coffees.

We believe that adhering to our Core Values produces coffee that truly tastes different from the rest. It is an honor to produce Maharajah Coffee, and we hope to provide our customers with a cup of happiness.
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